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Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Ho-Hum Catch Up Post

Over the past few months our lives have been quite busy and exciting. On February 9th we closed on our brand new built home here in Roswell, NM. Unfortunately, we are still in a lease until May 1st on our rental so double bills for a few months. YUCK!! I was at first quite irritated that Mark would not budge on the 3 car garage to save us a little money, but I must admit it has come in handy for storing our crap. We still have some things to unpack and I am slowly getting things decorated, but it will all come together eventually. Mark is still working for Devon in Artesia. The company has decided for the time being to lay down all of their rigs so that is always a scary proposition when you represent the drilling department. In February the company laid off 1000 employees due to the commodity price. Mark was spared this round and has been transferred over to supporting production until the rigs go back in the air. He is really enjoying his job. Kai is a busy pre-teen. Between friends, dance, dance, and Church we hardly ever see her. This past week we got a letter that invited Kai to join the National Junior Honor Society. You have to maintain a 3.5 g.p.a and show honor and respect towards your fellow students. We are so very proud of her. Jakob is busy being his usual Jakob self. He decided to take up golf and so on Tuesdays he has lessons at the golf course. Mark, of course, is pleased with that decision. He is hoping to play soccer in the fall. The kids definitely keep us on our toes and some days I totally understand why the wild animals eat their young!! If you would have told us that a year ago we would've moved to Roswell and actually like it we would have called you a liar. However, we have really adjusted well. Mark has a great job, the kids and us have awesome friends, our Church family is fabulous, and our home is almost perfect for us! I'd say all in all that life here in the southwest is pretty enjoyable!

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